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Amazon Lightsail for Blogs

Hi everyone! Hope everyone’s doing well and staying safe and healthy in this tumultuous period. In my first blog entry, I’m going to talk about how I’ve set up this very blog using Amazon Lightsail! Who knows, maybe one of you may have read this entry and will start creating your own blog as well!

First and foremost, why did I chose Lightsail over the numerous options, including some where I didn’t have to fork out a single cent?

  • I wanted to have control over the infrastructure hosting my site.
  • I wanted it to require as little configuration required as possible.
  • I had an existing domain ( I wanted to make use of, and possibly extend its usage to other services as well.
  • As cheap as can be!

So that said, I’m going to split this blog entry into 3 parts.

  1. How did I eventually decide on AWS over other providers
  2. How I configured my DNS
  3. How I configure the web service to use HTTPS

So let’s go through how it all comes together!

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Brilliant post! Love the simplicity and clarity. So what is the total cost of running the blog over one year?

I ve been hosting at for more than a decade. Now i am really tempted to move to LightSail 🙂


So the Lightsail instance will cost me $3.50/month, Route53 Hosted Zones are $0.50/month, and my domain is $12/year. That would work out to about $60 a year, which would be around $5/month! Personally I find to be very reasonable!

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